Adaptability is our Greatest Strength

I didn’t know much about Leon Fleisher before hearing of his death this weekend. Here’s a person who was able to fully leverage some amazing talent many say that he was born with. He was also incredibly fortunate to have that talent nurtured and invested in early on.

Then tragedy struck and this amazing pianist was left unable to use his right hand to play. It would be normal and easy to withdraw into despair, which he did.

But then he got out of it. I doubt it was an easy task, but he had the passion, drive, desire, and ability to do so, and he did it with gusto! Taking on similar musical tasks, he brought a brand new perspective to the field, and altered it with his new ability, which meant writing and playing piano pieces for one hand.

I’ll keep my writing short here, since NPR has a great piece already. Give it a listen, with a perspective on overcoming adversity:

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