The Misc.

While this site focuses on my advocacy and passion for advocacy and celebration of diversity, I have a multitude of other interests and activities to keep me busy. That’s one of the reasons I don’t publish blogs as often as I’d like; there’s a lot of life to live! I’ll be sharing some of those interests, activities, and hobbies on this page.


I am very passionate about wine and the process of making, aging, and of course drinking wine! It’s a fascinating process and everything from the ground to the grape to the glass is fun to learn about. In my spare time when there’s not a global pandemic going on, I can often be found at one of the area’s local wineries; serving guests samples of the wine and sharing an education along the way!


Several years ago I became ordained and therefore allowed to officiate weddings. This is something I enjoy doing for friends who are having smaller secular weddings. (Though sometimes they’re not very small!)

I am truly honored when friends ask me to play this role in their special day. It’s a humbling experience, and one I take very seriously.

The requirements for performing a marriage are quite simple, but it takes considerable time to write a ceremony that is unique to the couple and reflects the message of their special day. Because of this, I only officiate weddings for friends so I can most appropriately convey the importance of their bond and their union together.


Several years ago my step-dad got into the fascinating hobby of beekeeping. This is another fascinating hobby, which also helps the environment! These pollinators are having a hard time in our area, so having them around hopefully spreads the genes into the wild to perpetuate the species!