Hi. I’m Jim. I have a background in software development and have worked for companies ranging from a small, boutique software firm to one of the top investment banks in the world. I also enjoy many hobbies, including the study of wine and I moonlight at a local winery as a hobby-job. But that’s not why we’re here…

I was also born with a rather visible birth defect. I have a form of arthrogryposis (thankfully a somewhat mild case) affecting my shoulders, arms, and hands. There are even some similarities of what Thalidomide babies have though I’m a generation too late to have been affected by that particular affliction.

While I currently spend most of my work time in corporate America managing client accounts and software projects, my passions are wide ranging. I have faced challenges in this life, like many have, but my disability (which is a term that I loathe) has given me a somewhat unique perspective on adversity and diversity. With this site, the goal is to share my stories and experiences with the world, along with observations and others’ stories of overcoming adversity and celebrating diversity.