A Ship in Harbor is Safe…

…but that’s not what ships are for.

I love quotes. Motivational, historical, inspirational; there are many that have made an impact with me over the years. This is the first quote that I’ll be highlighting on My Second Act but there will be more to follow.

I’ve tried to keep this favorite quote of mine in mind over the years as I approach situations that might be outside of my comfort zone. Starting this blog (and the larger journey of sharing my story, hopefully in the speaking realm as well) is one such situation. Dating. Building new relationships. Looking for a new job. Even starting a new role at your current company. They’re all events to cause MAXIMUM ANXIETY in anyone’s life.

The thought crossed my mind again recently when I stumbled upon a new winery near my house. You might not know, but Pennsylvania isn’t exactly Bordeaux. I’m sure I’ll write more about wine in future posts, but suffice it to say, I am somewhat into wine. I’ve heard variations of a funny statement that the best way to have a million dollar winery is to start with five million dollars. It’s not entirely untrue… starting a winery now is a huge financial investment. You’re definitely taking a chance. There are so many variables in play over a period of years before you even know if you’ll have a viable product let alone the location to share it, proper marketing, favorable customer reviews, word-of-mouth references, sustainable growth plan, and scores of other factors weighing on this new business venture.

But it’s not entirely a business venture. Anyone with the means to start a winery in the 21st century has more than capital. They have drive. They have courage. They have passion.

That passion is why we’re here. While the grand example of building a winery isn’t for everyone, the metaphor can be applied to us all. We all have what we have; it’s our ship. However we made it to where we currently are, we all have our ship. And I’d wager that most of us have our ship docked safely in the harbor. It’s very comfortable to sit on those assets you have and live your life. But is that why we’re here?

As far as I can tell, we’re given one shot in this world. Do we want to stay in the comfort of the safe harbor? You could do that without a ship. But we’re all given this vessel in life. Shouldn’t we use the vessel for the purpose it was given to us? Only when we get out of our comfort zone to we truly explore what we’re capable of in life. It’s fine to enjoy the comforts of the safe harbor. We need that in our lives. But we also need to use the ship and explore the unknown. That’s what the ship is for.

Further reading on the benefits of out of your comfort zone: https://lifehacker.com/the-science-of-breaking-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-w-656426705

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